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Summer Vaca 2019 NOW

Watch my first vlog

as I hit the road this summer to reassure my

mom that I am safe!

After completing my dissertation, I made a list of new goals and adventures. It is called the "A.D. List". You could reference AD in art history terms of "after death" or post-graduate "after dissertation". The list is everything from books I want to read, food I want to indulge in, and places to travel. Click the photo collage to follow along my journeys and adventures. From my first steps in India to my summer travel with my mom, Big Al!

Since  December  2015

60 & Doc
Mother-Daughter Duo traveling Europe

Prior to my adventures in graduate school, I packed up my Honda Element with diet coke and Dooney, my dog. Check out my blog from my cross country summer fun by clicking the photograph of my adventure at Cadillac Ranch. It was the perfect trip to clear my brain and prepare for the rigorous undertaking of research. 

Summer of  2011

Diet Coke & Dooney
A twenty something meandering through life with her over-active dog!

Since  January  2013

In my journey through learning, I have spent time working in public schools, private childcare, and summer camps exploring curricula, educational strategies, and fine tuning my skills in a variety of art mediums. Check out lessons and work from my years in art education.


Erickson Artroom
Educational Blog
Fly by Sarah
Road Trip Videos of a Pre-VanLife Dreamer
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